The Partner Reporting Portal is an online platform enabling civil society implementing partners to report progress against results jointly planned in partnerships with UNICEF.

The portal is designed to increase programme efficiency and reduce the burden on partners by streamlining the reporting process.

The system enables civil society implementing partners and UNICEF to jointly track and analyze results achieved for children and communities around the world.


Simplified and predictable reporting process across countries and regions

Strengthened implementation monitoring and results tracking throughout the partnership cycle

Streamlined and efficient communication and feedback loops between UNICEF and CSO partners, adapted to the needs of the situation

Efficient management of information flows to improve programme implementation, including in humanitarian response


Central platform for civil society implementing partners to view information, manage reporting and analyse data on partnerships with UNICEF.

System generated reports allow partners to report online progress with automated calculations across reporting periods, saving time and reducing paper-based processes.

System generated notifications of upcoming reporting due dates, status of submitted reports and any changes affecting your partnership with UNICEF.

ID Management allows partners to grant their staff permissions to view, enter or submit data in line with internal accountability structures


A detailed knowledge base is available to all users online, including articles and videos that explain how to use the portal. Users can also contact the help desk via the "Help" question mark widget at the bottom right of Partner Reporting Portal or via the Contact Us page.

Implementing Partner Reporting Portal

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